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Raccoons are inquisitive and intelligent creatures, sometimes they are too inquisitive and intelligent as they are often regarded as menaces to society. As anyone who has ever had their trash strewn all over their lawn can tell you, raccoons will stop at nothing to get their next meal. The problem with raccoons is that they are great at learning how to solve problems and Cost Of Bat Removal Moorefield WV 26836 once they learn how to solve it, it’s unlikely that they will forget it. What does this mean for you? If a raccoon solves the puzzle of opening your garbage can or how to go through your pet door, it can wreak havoc on your patience. However, there are five guaranteed ways to get rid of those raccoons for good.

It’s all About the Food Moorefield WV 26836
Raccoons are largely motivated by food, finding it and eating it. Hence, if you take away their food source, they will go away. There are several ways that you can do this. Keep your garbage cans inside your garage or secured under the porch where they cannot get them. Keep your pets’ food inside at all times as raccoons are accustomed to this readily Cost Of Bat Removal Moorefield WV 26836 available food source. Pick up any fallen and rotting fruit or vegetable from your trees or garden.

Use Dogs as a Deterrent
Raccoons are only going to come up to your house if they feel it is safe. One way that you can do to make sure that they do not come around is to keep a large dog outside of your home. A cat Moorefield WV 26836 may do the trick (if it’s a really mean cat) but a dog is a safer bet because you do not want your cat to contract rabies from fighting with a raccoon.

There are two ways that you can use fencing effectively. You can either build a high privacy fence or install an electric fence. If you decide to go with a traditional fence, Moorefield WV 26836 make sure that it is buried at least a foot underground and raises several feet above the ground. The fence cannot be chain link or mesh because they will climb right over it. Electric fences are the better choice when it comes to raccoons especially for small areas around a pond or a garden. These are harmless, effective and relatively cheap.

Trapping a raccoon Moorefield WV 26836 is another option that is available to you, however it requires a lot of patience and it may not work. Set the traps in an area that the raccoons frequent, but make sure that you clean the trap thoroughly and set it with latex gloves on; otherwise the raccoons will smell your scent and not go near the trap. Bait the trap and disguise Moorefield WV 26836 it under some branches and leaves. Relocate the raccoon once you have trapped it in a wooded area that is at least 10 miles from you or your nearest neighbor. As already stated, raccoons are incredibly smart and there is no guarantee that it will work.

Raccoons are adorable animals when they are in the woods, but when they invade our properties and refuse to Moorefield WV 26836 go, they turn from cute to infuriating. Try some or all of these tips to get the raccoons to go, if all else fails call your local animal control office or a professional pest removal agency.

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